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Buying Foreign Coins & Currency

Along with buying & trading in collectible coins we also buy foreign coins.

We are one of the few companies in New Zealand that will exchange foreign coins for New Zealand currency,

Long trips across various countries can result in a large accumulation of coins and low denomination banknotes. 99% of Forex dealers will not exchange coins. People are often left wondering what to do with leftover foreign coins?

Oceanic Mint is always willing to make an offer and buy foreign coins, Contact us & exchange foreign coins today!


Q. Do you exchange Australian coins into New Zealand Dollars?

A. Yes, Absolutely


Q. What are your rates?

A. This will depend on the quantity of coins, country of origin, face value & weight. Many factors must be considered,

Q. I only have a small number of coins, will you still exchange them?

A. Yes, depending on the number we would ask you to make a list and email it to us. We would make an offer based on the list. You would then mail them into our PO Box. Generally we would suggest using Tracked Parcel Post. Provided the coins arriving match the list supplied we will then arrange a bank deposit into your account for the sum offered.

Q. Do you accept coins no longer in circulation?

A. Absolutely. In addition to circulating money, we also exchange withdrawn and discontinued foreign cash (both notes and coins.) 

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